Why I write

First of all, I want to share my knowledge and expand my horizons by writing.

If you don’t know, the person who’s writing is a Brazilian guy, who was born between books and technology, my first tech course was Microsoft Windows 3.11 with Logo (programming logic for kids). My first dream at this time was working at Microsoft, developing and building the next generations of Operational Systems. Can you wonder, a nine-year-old kid that had a dream to work on the major big tech in the world?

After a while, Slackware Linux arose out and was loved at first view, it was the first time that I had the opportunity to understand in deep how an operational system works. I learned how to configure the Kernel, to compile internal drivers such as video, modem, keyboard, mouse, and so on; I played a lot with graphical interfaces like Gnome and KDE, until the time I developed my first website “nerdoze.org” running on Apache with browser Netscape using a 56k Internet modem connection.

Right now, I’m on the cloud computing journey.

Writing here, it’s a good point not only to share my knowledge but also a way to express my personal opinion, my recent thoughts, and my culture, and open a path to people who want to grow in their careers, contributing to my two cents their concepts about technology.

Here we are, welcome to Coding4Fun Stack. I hope that you enjoy the content!